'It's disgusting': Raye slams record labels for underpaying songwriters

'Escapism' hitmaker Raye has blasted record labels for underpaying songwriters.



Raye has blasted record labels for underpaying songwriters.

The 26-year-old singer - who quit her own label when they wouldn't release her debut album - has rallied behind "broke" songwriters she claims are left "fighting over scraps of publishing" with labels focusing on profit.

She's quoted by the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column as saying: "For an industry that profits off songs, you got these CEOs and big label execs living in their fat huge Chelsea mansions, living a beautiful life, meanwhile songwriters you are profiting off are broke, can't afford rent and fighting over scraps of publishing that is sat in bank accounts for two years before they receive a penny, because publishers have kept it in there so they can collect interest and make a whole separate business."

The 'Escapism' hitmaker - who made history by winning six BRIT Awards earlier this year after going independent - also reflected on the breakdown of how singers and songwriters are paid.

She added: "Every single song that's released in the world, there are 100 royalty points.

"The label will take, say, 80 points. The artist, in a good deal, will take maybe 20, 15, or maybe 12 and then producers get four points, but it has to come out of the artist's points.

"And the songwriter doesn't even get one point. It's disgusting, the whole industry is disgusting. That's one little example of what goes on behind closed doors where there is no accountability.

Raye - who has written songs for the likes of Beyonce, Little Mix, John Legend and Rihanna in the past - admitted the situation "makes [her] very angry".