Demi Lovato regrets being so critical of herself during her younger years

Pop star Demi Lovato wishes that she embraced "self-love" as a teenager.



Demi Lovato regrets being so "critical" of herself during her younger years.

The 31-year-old star - who first found fame as a child - has revealed that she wishes she embraced "self-love" at a much earlier age.

Asked what advice she would give her teenage self, Demi told PEOPLE: "What I would tell my teenage self is I would say don't hold yourself to anybody else's standards but your own. And if your own becomes too critical, then look within yourself and try to find that self-love.

"I think it's really important to find self-love no matter what age you are."

Demi has learned a lot about beauty and make-up during the course of her career.

The actress-turned-singer shared: "The best beauty tip that I've gotten from someone on set is to never sleep in your make-up.

"I never did that anyways, but to hear it over again was just really important and kind of stuck with me.

"I never sleep in my make-up. It doesn't matter how late the night goes, it doesn't matter if I'm up until the morning, I take my make-up off and I do my skincare routine and I'm very diligent about it. I'm just past that."