Emily Blunt reveals Christopher Nolan loves to gossip

Emily Blunt has revealed Christopher Nolan is nothing like people expect him to be.



Emily Blunt has revealed her 'Oppenheimer' director Christopher Nolan loves to "gossip".

The 41-year-old actress - who plays Kitty Oppenheimer in the Oscar-nominated atomic bomb epic - says the 53-year-old filmmaker is nothing like what people would expect and is "so understated as a person".

Speaking to Australia's WHO magazine, she said: "Someone calls and says he wants to meet, at which point you put a jetpack on, and you go, you run. His ideas are so vast, and they transcend your normal understanding of things. Maybe that's what pins everyone to their seats, that sense of wonder he elicits in people. And yet he's so understated as a person. He doesn't walk around like this walking brain; he watches Love Actually every year. He loves a gossip. We'd be on set, and I'd be like, 'Chris, did you hear about this thing?' And he goes, 'No. What? Tell me.' He's so wonderful and cool. And I just adore him."