Olivia Rodrigo splurges on beer and cigarettes - 'because I could'

Olivia Rodrigo splashed out on beer and cigarettes just "because [she] could", but insisted she "didn't consume" it.



Olivia Rodrigo splashed out on beer and cigarettes - just "because [she] could".

The 'Good 4 U' hitmaker turned 21 last Tuesday (20.02.24) and has taken pleasure in being able to buy items that she was not allowed to legally purchase until she turned "of age", even though she didn't "consume" them.

Speaking at the opening night of her 'Guts World Tour' in California on Friday (23.02.23), she told the audience in footage circulating on TikTok: “I went to the gas station the other day and bought a pack of cigarettes and a six-pack of beer.

“I promise I didn’t consume it, but I just bought it because I could."

Olivia went on to reassure fans that growing up isn't as "scary" as it seems.

Introducing her song 'Teenage Dream', she added: "Anyway, all this to say that I think growing up isn’t so scary after all and life just kind of gets better at the end.”

Ahead of her 21st birthday last week, the 'Bad Idea Right' singer joked she was enjoying her final day of "hypothetically" underage drinking.

The singer was joined at a party by some of her showbiz pals, including Iris Apatow, Conan Gray and Tate McRae.

Alongside a series of photos from the bash, Olivia wrote on Instagram: "I’ll blow out the candles, happy birthday to me."

The chart-topping star later joked that it was her last day of underage drinking.

She said: "Today is my last day of being able to underage drink (hypothetically)!!!! (sic)"

And she was happy to be kicking off her tour days after her birthday.

The award-winning star told Variety: "I’m so excited! It’s a very serendipitous week, right? And these songs were made to be sung in a crowd … the lyrics, I’m hoping, will resonate even more in person.

"I think it’s going to be an unforgettable experience especially since 'Sour' came during a pandemic.

"I’m really happy with how everything is going and there’s a lot of fun things we have planned in terms of visuals and stuff like that."