Tiger Woods’ ex Erica Herman says was ‘never’ victim of sexual abuse

Bring to an end her bitter legal battle with the 15-time major champion, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend has dropped her sexual misconduct claims against the golf ace.



Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend has dropped her sexual misconduct claims against the golf ace.

The 47-year-old’s former love Erica Herman, 39, who he dated from 2017 until 2002, initially claimed she had been forced into signing a non-disclosure agreement when Tiger started to pursue a sexual relationship with her and was seeking to sue to be released from the agreement.

But she has now filed an official notice to dismiss her appeal against the NDA – with a notice from her lawyer to Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal stating: “In dismissing this appeal, Erica Herman states that she was never a victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse at the hands of Tiger Woods or any of his agents and it is her position that she never asserted a claim for such.”

Erica’s appeal was dismissed by order of the court on Tuesday. (14.11.23)

She had claimed Tiger pursued a sexual relationship while she was a waitress at his restaurant, The Woods, in Jupiter, Florida and her lawyers had argued she was forced to sign a NDA or risk losing her job, which constituted sexual harassment.

They had also claimed her housing was conditional on having a sexual relationship with 15-times major champion Tiger.

Erica dropped a $30 million eviction lawsuit against Tiger’s estate in July, but has been appealing against a judge’s decision that she must abide by the NDA.

She had cited the Speak Out Act, brought in last year and prevents the use of NDAs if the case involves sexual assault or harassment.

In her previous suit against the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, Erica claimed Tiger dumped her at an airport after allegedly being tricked into believing she was going on holiday.

His agents were alleged to have told her she could not return to their mansion and she was “locked out” of the property.

Tiger stated he had arranged for Erica to stay at a luxury hotel and to provide funds for a new home, and in May a judge said the allegation of sexual misconduct was “vague” and “threadbare”.

Tiger has not played competitive golf since his ankle surgery in April but may make a comeback at the PNC Championship in December.