Robbie Williams reveals real reason he ended rleationship with Geri Halliwell

Robbie Williams has revealed he dumped Geri Halliwell over 20 years ago, after being wrongly told she was tipping off the paparazzi about them.



Robbie Williams dumped Geri Halliwell after being wrongly told she was tipping off the paparazzi about them.

The pair dated in 2000, with Robbie saying their time together was one of the happiest periods of his life back then, but he explained he ended the "magical" relationship because he thought Geri had been updating photographers on their whereabouts.

According to The Mirror, Robbie, 49, explains in his upcoming Netflix documentary: "Wherever we went, the ¬paparazzi were there before we got there. Very private personal moments became public property. And we were just dumbfounded how this could be happening.

"I bumped into a guy who’s a paparazzi. He told me that it was Geri doing that. Now I don’t think that’s true for one second, but at the time I did believe it. It just goes to show what being in the spotlight can do to your psyche, when you can’t trust anybody. It ruined in some way the memory of such an important part of my life. Such a joyous occasion."

He also explained their relationship started while he was still in AA.

Robbie said: "“It was a very confusing relationship, because she’s a girl and I’m a boy, we are very good friends trying to sort out the wreckage of the past.

"Our relationship starts when I am in AA. You are told not to get into a relationship in the first year and I get it, you can’t even look after a cactus, let alone somebody else. I just found her company very very easy, there is a silliness. We really got on really well. It was fun. And we were just a little gang that were sharing a very magical moment, in a magical place."

The documentary features camcorder footage of the pair on holiday in the South of France with Robbie's songwriting partner Guy Chambers and his wife Emma and Robbie revealed he and Geri, 51, who is married to Christian Horner, are now good friends.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Geri kindly gave me permission to use (the footage).

"That was a very important holiday for me because I was happy; because I wasn’t before and I wasn’t really for a long time after.

"I have only amazing things to say about her now.

"I never accused her (of going to paps) at the time and obviously I know now she wasn’t."