Sir Mick Jagger plays randy fake nun in SNL sketch

Sir Mick Jagger found himself playing a fake nun leading real virgin nuns astray for the show's comedy skit.



Sir Mick Jagger played a randy fake nun wanting to sleep with real nuns in a 'Sister Act 3' parody on 'Saturday Night Live'.

This weekend's show started with Hollywood heartthrob Pedro Pascal crashing Latin star Bad Bunny's monologue, but things got even weirder when the 80-year-old Rolling Stones frontman showed up to a Convent Meeting and confessed to posing as a sister called Kevin to have sex with nuns.

Bad Bunny is among the nuns at the meeting to address the sex scandal and reacted to the news: “Oh no. That is horrible."

He continued: "Whoever is doing that you are very, very bad. Stop it!"

The sexless nuns get exhilarated by the news, with one saying: "He needs to repent me again over the dining table again."

They are then told to "focus" on the "evil man" trying to "corrupt our precious virgin souls."

The nuns then fight over who has had sex with the impostor.

After Bad Bunny tells them to come forward and confess, Mick walks into the convent in full nun's dress and says: “Fine, I confess! It was me!

“I was the one who corrupted these poor women with my lips and my hips, and I was the one who rang the bell with my penis and yelled, ‘Ding-dong!’”

The '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' hitmaker goes on: "I know, this is probably the worst sex scandal in the history of the church, but look on the bright side, before I get here, these sisters just mumbled, 'Our Father', and now they are screaming, 'Oh Goddd!'

The sisters then beg for him to stay and sleep with them for a few more weeks as it's "almost Halloween" - and their Mother Superior agrees.

Lady Gaga - who just performed her duet with the Stones, 'Sweet Sounds of Heaven', at their New York album launch – also introduced Bad Bunny's first musical performance of the night.