Millie Bobby Brown created her own perfume

Millie Bobby Brown created her own perfume because she couldn't find one she liked enough to have as her signature scent.



Millie Bobby Brown created her own perfume because she couldn't find one she liked.

The 19-year-old actress - who has starred in Netflix sci-fi hit 'Stranger Things' since she was 11 - is set to launch her new fragrance Wildly Me through her beauty brand Florence by Mills later this month and Millie revealed she opted to design a perfume because she did not have a signature scent.

Speaking to WWD, she explained: "Florence grows with me. It’s kind of a beautiful coming of age company. The brand started in 2019, and I never initially thought I was going to do a fragrance until it kind of came to me, like OK, this is something that feels right, something that people are asking for. And I actually don’t have a perfume that I particularly like and have gravitated toward, so building that and finding my fragrance was a real journey. Staying true to who I am and what I love is the journey of finding my fragrance."

Millie also revealed she enjoys experimenting with her style and is relying on her own instincts rather than seeking professional advice.

She explained: "I’ve had all the phases. But ultimately I’ve now landed in this very simple, soft fabric [stage]. Everything is minimalistic in my fashion right now. And that I think portrays my mental state as well. Everything is very laid back and simple and easy and on the go, I mean everything. You know what I mean? I don’t want to wear anything that’s too fitting. Right now in my life, I want to wear the clothes, I don’t want things to wear me."