Tina Turner was 'prepared' for Sir Mick Jagger ripping her skirt off at Live Aid in Philadelphia

Tina Turner was "prepared" for the famous moment when Sir Mick Jagger ripped off her skirt as they performed together at Live Aid in Philadelphia.



Tina Turner was "prepared" to have her skirt torn off by Sir Mick Jagger at Live Aid.

The late singer famously had the garment ripped off by the Rolling Stones frontman as they performed 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' at the charity show in Philadelphia in 1985 but had made sure that her modesty would remain in place during the song.

In her 2018 autobiography 'Tina Turner: My Love Story', which is being serialised by the Daily Mail newspaper following her death this week at the age of 83, she said: "He looked me over and I could see a naughty idea forming. 'Does that skirt come off?', he asked slyly. 'What!' was my startled reply.

"'I'm going to take your skirt off,' he said. I asked him why, but it was too late to talk it through.

"Mick had already made up his mind to do it. 'Just to create something,' he said."

Tina continued: "Understandably, I was a little nervous because I'd never had my skirt taken off on stage. Luckily, I was prepared.

"In those days especially, you didn't just wear undies. I wore fishnet stockings over my underwear, then dancer's briefs over that – if my skirt came off, there would be nothing to see except a costume under a costume. I was covered, I reassured myself. And Mick knew I was covered. We were professionals. When we started 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll', he pulled off his shirt, danced around bare-chested, then sashayed off the stage to change into a yellow jacket and camouflage pants singing, 'But I like it', the whole time.

"He came back, and without missing a beat, reached for my waist. I felt – oh my God, I felt him feeling around where the snap was. I knew it was going to happen.

"I glanced down because I wondered, how did I look at that moment?

"When he pulled off my skirt with a flourish, I saw with relief that it wasn't bad.

"Thanks to the dancer's briefs holding me in like a girdle, and the fishnet stockings hiding my underwear, everything was in shape and in place, like a dancer."

Tina confessed to having crush on Mick and always had to be on her "guard" around him because of the rocker's "naughty" antics.

She wrote: "Mick is just naughty, you know? The first time I appeared on stage with him, he tried to press the microphone into my crotch.

"I always had to be on guard with him because I never knew what prank was coming next.

"He's like every bad boy you've ever known at school."