Woody Harrelson got rid of his cell phone three years ago

Woody Harrelson ditched his cell phone three years ago as he thought that he was spending too much time fixated on the device.



Woody Harrelson no longer owns a smartphone
Woody Harrelson no longer owns a smartphone

Woody Harrelson hasn't owned a cell phone for three years.

The 62-year-old actor's 'Cheers' co-star Ted Danson made the revelation on the latest episode of the pair's 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' podcast and described how he can't help but "laugh" when people ask him to get in touch with the 'True Detective' actor.

Ted said: "Let me explain something about Woody: He doesn't have a phone.

"He's one of those bullies in life that make other people carry his phone for him. 'Hey, we need to know something immediately, call Woody.' And I just kinda laugh at whoever says that to me."

Harrelson responded by saying he declines to own one of the devices so he doesn't have to be "readily available to any human being at any time".

He said: "Well, that's not exactly true. I just don't like to have to be readily available to any human being at any time. And plus, that's not the reason. I like to be in touch with people, in a way, but I don't like the appendage on my appendage."

The 'White Men Can't Jump' actor elaborated by revealing that he ditched his cell phone as he felt he was spending too long glued to the device.

Woody recalled: "I made a thing where I'm like, 'Okay, I'm gonna set a two-hour limit on my phone.'

"It's like 9:30. I've already hit my limit at 9:30. So I woke up and I've been on it two hours already, because you know how it can just keep going and going."

Despite his teasing, Danson expressed an admiration for the way Woody has been able to resist using the phone.

The 76-year-old star said: "I admire what you do with phones, by the way, Woody. I need to emulate that."