Taylor Hill suffered a miscarriage 'about three years ago'

Taylor Hill has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage "about three years ago".



Taylor Hill has opened up about her heartbreak
Taylor Hill has opened up about her heartbreak

Taylor Hill experienced a "roller-coaster of emotion" after suffering a miscarriage.

The 34-year-old model - who is married to investor Daniel Fryer - has revealed that her miscarriage took a toll on her mental health.

During an appearance on the 'On Purpose With Jay Shetty' podcast, Taylor shared: "About three years ago, I had a miscarriage. I’ve never spoken about it before. My family knows and my close friends know."

The brunette beauty never actually planned to get pregnant, and she recalled feeling "shocked" and "sad" when her pregnancy was confirmed.

However, Taylor and her husband - who was in the UK amid the COVID-19 pandemic - were both ultimately left feeling devastated by their loss.

She shared: "I call my husband and I’m just devastated. We’re both crying. I could just tell he was so heartbroken that he couldn’t be there. I think that was very painful for him too, both of us."

Taylor initially struggled to come to terms with the news, admitting that she was heartbroken by the situation.

The model - who married Daniel in 2023 - said: "I felt a sense of failure. I felt a sense of betrayal of my own body of my own self.

"It’s OK to be mad at yourself. You don’t have to get over it right away."

Taylor experienced a range of emotions in the days and weeks after her miscarriage.

She recalled: "The day it happened, I just sobbed to [my best friend]. She held me, and I held her."

But now, Taylor has come to terms with her own heartbreak.

She said: "Three years later, I have so much more perspective.

"I’ve given myself so much time to heal from that. It no longer feels like an open, gaping wound. It feels like a scare.

"It’s definitely still with me. There’s a mark there."