Petra Ecclestone doesn't have many friends

Petra Ecclestone has admitted she hasn't made many friends since moving to Los Angeles because she hasn't really "clicked with anyone" but she's determined not to move back to the UK because she likes the Californian lifestyle.



Petra Ecclestone and her husband Sam Palmer live in Los Angeles
Petra Ecclestone and her husband Sam Palmer live in Los Angeles

Petra Ecclestone doesn't have many friends in her adopted home of Los Angeles because she hasn't really "clicked with anyone".

The 35-year-old Formula One heiress moved to Beverly Hills with her first husband James Stunt - the father of her daughter Lavinia and twin boys James and Andrew - and she now lives in LA with her second husband Sam Palmer as well as their daughter Millie but Petra admits she hasn't managed to form any close friendships since relocating from the UK.

She told The Times magazine: "I miss my friends and family [in the UK]. But it’s just more calm here. I like the slower pace, the early nights, the outdoor activities, the sunshine. And I feel less judged.

"The hard part is that we don’t have great friends. I haven’t really clicked with anyone. They just flake a lot. Everything is so surface. Sam meets more people. He’s a lot more outgoing and friendly."

However, when asked if she feels lonely, Petra replied: "I have Sam and I speak to my sister [Tamara] about 100 times a day."

She also thinks her famous surname may get in the way of forming close bonds with people. She added: "I’m so used to it [the way people's attitudes change when hearing her name] I find it funny. Whereas Sam, when we first met, was taken aback by it.

"People always have some sort of proposition or something that they want out of us. Sam’s like, ‘They’re being fake'."

The couple have made the decision to homeschool the children and Sam previously admitted he thinks it's a great way for them all to spend time together.

In a post on Instagram, he explained: "We home school. We have teachers. And sport coaches. I was against it initially, but I have to say I really love it.

"We get to spend more time as a family. We get to choose what's being taught to our kids. And it will certainly not include woke stupidity like I've seen in some schools."

He also insisted the kids aren't missing out on socialising with their peers because they go to sports clubs with other kids. He added: "There are four of them anyway so they are never alone, and also go to sports clubs."