Jurgen Klopp returns to Anfield for the first time since quitting Liverpool to see Taylor Swift

Jurgen Klopp is "officially a Swfite" after attending Taylor Swift's 'Eras' tour in Liverpool.



© Jurgen Klopp/Instagram
© Jurgen Klopp/Instagram

Jurgen Klopp is "officially a Swiftie".

The 59-year-old football manager decided to step down as Liverpool manager at the beginning of this year and made his grand return to Anfield Stadium on Thursday (13.06.24) to see pop megastar Taylor Swift, 34, in concert as part of her 'Eras Tour' and declared the following morning that he was a part of her fanbase.

Alongside a picture of himself wearing a pink cowboy hat, he wrote on Instagram: "I guess I am officially a Swiftie" and embolized his comment with a cowboy hat emoji,

Just prior to the concert, the sports star joked that he was "not tailor-made" but "Taylor-ready" as he earned up to attend the latest stop of the 'Anti-Hero' songstress' global smash-hit tour.

Speaking in a video posted to Instagram, he said: "So, I'm back in Liverpool and now it's Taylor time. Three things I had to do today...no, I had two, I had a barber appointment and then we're going out to Anfield. First time going to Anfield, not for a football game but in the stands, but watching Taylor Swift. I am not tailor-made, but Taylor-ready! So yeah. Let's go to Anfield and yeah, have a good night. Or a great night would be cool. See you there, bye!"

On Thursday, the cowed of fans shattered the previous record for most people to gather at the stadium, which was set by Liverpool Football Club 72 years ago.

Taylor told her crowd of 62,000-plus ‘Swifties’ the record had been broken, and even though an exact number was not revealed it must have exceeded the last one of 61,905 football fans who packed the stadium on 2 February, 1952.

The singer said: “So, I just want to say, those things mean the world to us getting to play this show for people who would go so far above and beyond for us and welcome us to Liverpool in such a fashion.

“We love you so much and, you know, while I was walking to the stage, they pulled me aside and told me another thing you did for us tonight.

“And that thing is that you – you broke the all time attendance record for this stadium tonight.

“Don’t you just love knowing there’s never been as many people in this room as there are right now? I, personally, love that feeling.”