Chris Brown left dangling mid-air as gig stunt goes wrong

Singer Chris Brown got stuck in mid-air during a concert in New Jersey on Wednesday (12.06.24) when an arial stunt went wrong.



Chris Brown was left dangling in mid-air when a concert stunt went wrong
Chris Brown was left dangling in mid-air when a concert stunt went wrong

Chris Brown got stuck mid-air when a stunt went wrong during a concert in New Jersey on Wednesday (12.06.24).

The 35-year-old singer was performing at the Prudential Center in Newark when he was whisked into the air to belt out his hit 'Under the Influence' several metres about the stage, but the trick when wrong and Brown was left dangling helplessly.

In videos shot by audience members, he was seen signalling to stageworkers about his predicament but managed to keep singing as they produced a large ladder and set about trying to get him down.

Brown was eventually able to step onto the ladder, unclip the suspension wires and climb back down onto the stage.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer addressed the mishap at the end of the show, telling the audience he was angry about what happened but was able to make light of the situation.

Brown launched his '11:11' tour last week and uses the suspension wires for several tricks including flying to a second stage in the centre of the venue.

The shows kicked off in Detroit, Michigan on June 5 and will stop in cities including Las Vegas, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Georgia before concluding in the North American leg in Los Angeles in August.

It comes after Brown admitted he has tried to make wise investments using his music money so he has something to fall back on if his showbiz career comes to an end.

Speaking on the 'R B Money Podcast', he explained: "Unless you touring, you don't know how long you're going to be successful and its not like ... every artist can make it look like they're getting money. If you're not a touring act, if you're not doing stuff ... you need an exit strategy."

He explained he was urged to invest in franchises like fast food chain Burger King and he also decided he wanted to pursue a deal to buy his master recordings.