Serena Williams is 'obsessed' with her children

Sports icon Serena Williams has revealed she's firmly focused on her family life.



Serena Williams is focused on her family life
Serena Williams is focused on her family life

Serena Williams is "obsessed" with her children.

The 42-year-old sporting icon retired from tennis in 2022, and Serena is now firmly focused on her family life.

The Grand Slam-winning star - who has daughters Olympia, six, and Adira, nine months, with her husband Alexis Ohanian - told 'Extra': "They’re like my biggest love, so I’m obsessed with those kids."

Asked about the adjustment of going from one child to two, Serena replied: "My baby kept saying, she's like, 'I want a sister! I want a sister!' So, that was also a lot of pressure - is it gonna be a girl or a boy, you know? But no, I always wanted a family, a big family, but we'll see."

Selena also revealed that she's a "super hands-on" mom.

She shared: "I think I put all that intensity that I had in tennis into my children because I’m super hands-on.

"Also, I have a couple of businesses between my venture company and WYN Beauty … so, putting a lot of effort and passion behind things that I’m passionate about."

Selena announced her retirement from tennis in 2022.

But she subsequently admitted that, unlike some of her rivals, she never really wanted to walk away from the sport.

Serena - who is the younger sister of fellow tennis star Venus Williams - told Vogue magazine: "I know that a lot of people are excited about and look forward to retiring, and I really wish I felt that way.

"Ashleigh Barty was number one in the world when she left the sport this March, and I believe she really felt ready to move on. Caroline Wozniacki, who is one of my best friends, felt a sense of relief when she retired in 2020."