Jordin Sparks relishes being a mom

Jordin Sparks has admitted that she loves being a mom to six-year-old Dana.



Jordin Sparks loves being a mom
Jordin Sparks loves being a mom

Jordin Sparks loves the challenge of motherhood.

The 34-year-old singer has Dana Jr, six, with her husband Dana Isaiah, and Jordin has revealed that she loves spending time with her son.

She told PEOPLE: "Our son just turned six. Things are amazing. I honestly couldn't ask for anything more.

"I mean, everything has challenges and it's teamwork and stuff, but I love my life. I'm so content with it."

Jordin is set to celebrate Father's Day (06.16.24) by attending a filming of Gordon Ramsay's TV show, 'Hell's Kitchen'.

The 'No Air' hitmaker - who has been married to Dana since 2017 - shared: "We're going to 'Hell's Kitchen'. I'm so excited. With Gordon Ramsay. I'm so excited."

Jordin competed on 'Dancing with the Stars' back in 2022, and she admitted at the time that she wanted to inspire her son with her appearances on the popular TV show.

The singer told PEOPLE at the time: "I want to show him that you can be brave and scared at the same time. So I really am doing this for him."

Dana was also excited to watch his mom in action.

Jordin said: "'Where are you going, Mommy?' He asks me every morning. 'I got to go to work. I got to go to rehearsal.'"

At the time, Jordin felt that her life was entering a new phase, as her son was beginning school.

She reflected: "There's a lot of new chapters and new beginnings happening and it feels a little frantic a little bit.

"But at the same time, when I come home and I'm able to just sit with him and bond with him, we have that reconnection moment, it makes it all worth it."