Lala Kent accuses of Ariana Madix of being a 'diva'

Lala Kent has suggested that Ariana Madix has become a diva since Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal.



Lala Kent has slammed Ariana Madix
Lala Kent has slammed Ariana Madix

Lala Kent has questioned how Ariana Madix moved on with her life so soon after Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal.

The 38-year-old star split from Tom, 41, in 2023, after it was revealed that he had a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss - but Lala has questioned how Ariana managed to move on with her current boyfriend Daniel Wai so soon afterwards.

Lala, 33, said on the 'Two Ts in a Pod' podcast: "When this happened on March 1st, and then I believe she had a wedding by March 10th and had already met a new guy.

"You started dating someone, you stayed in the house, you came back to this show. I'm like, 'I understand the pain you're going through, but if I'm relating to it, and then I'm seeing how you could move on from something so traumatic, I just don't see how you could be that devastated.'"

Lala insisted that she was supportive of her 'Vanderpump Rules' co-star throughout the cheating scandal.

She shared: "I want to be around women who work hard and have things that are really cool.

"I have constantly tried to be very supportive. Not tried, I wanted to be supportive. These are my friends. When Ariana started getting opportunities outside of 'Vanderpump Rules', that's great for all of us."

Despite this, Lala believes that Ariana - who is the new host of 'Love Island USA' - has changed since the cheating scandal.

The TV star suggested that her co-star has developed some diva-like traits.

Lala said: "The show reached a level that it never would have reached without this. And even though it was horrible, I was not mad at the opportunity she was getting outside of the show.

"What I started getting upset about is now we're bringing a little bit of divaness to my place of work that I've been doing for eight years. And I have a hard time when people think that they are bigger than the show."