YouTube star Comicstorian dies aged 40 in 'unfortunate accident'

YouTuber Comicstorian, real name Ben Potter, passed away over the weekend, his wife Nathalie has confirmed.



Comicstorian, real name Ben Potter, has died aged 40
Comicstorian, real name Ben Potter, has died aged 40

YouTube star Ben Potter has died aged 40 in "an unfortunate accident".

The comic book content creator - who was best known as Comicstorian and had three million subscribers following his work - has passed away suddenly, as confirmed by his wife Nathalie Potter.

She wrote on her late husband's account on X, formerly Twitter: "Two days ago, on June 8th, my husband, Ben Potter, passed away in an unfortunate accident.

“To many of you, he was Comicstorian, voicing stories from across multiple different mediums. To his loved ones, he was one of the best and most supportive individuals anyone could ask for.

"As a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, or even just a stranger, Ben was loving and genuine. He was someone who would listen and make time for his loved ones.

"He would do his best to make everyone laugh and make sure they were okay. He was our rock and he’d reassure his loved ones whenever they needed it."

She asked her husband's fans to "respect her privacy" as well as that of his family and friends, and admitted she needs time to "grieve".

She added: "He was my world and I need time to be with friends and family. I have so many things I need to figure out but firstly, I need to grieve.

"I ask that you respect my privacy as well as everyone else’s. Right now my priority is preserving everything he’s built and I don’t have any plans beyond that.”

Nathalie also confirmed her plans to continue her partner's work by telling "great stories by great people", as she hailed Potter as "our very own superhero".

She continued: "His channel was one of his greatest accomplishments, and while we all need our time to mourn him, I know he wouldn’t want it to end like this.

"Ben spent over 10 years spreading his love and appreciation for his hobbies. It was through his love of exciting stories and well written characters that got him started on YouTube.

“The team and I want to keep that going. To honor him by continuing to tell great stories by great people, as well as to keep the memory of our very own superhero alive.

"We supported each other on everything we wanted to do and I’m not about to stop now.”