Moby hasn't been on a date in 10 years

Music star Moby has given up hope of ever finding love and hasn't been on a date in more than a decade.



Moby hasn't been on a date in a decade
Moby hasn't been on a date in a decade

Moby hasn't been on a date in 10 years.

The 58-year-old music star - who previously dated singer Lana Del Rey - believes he's not destined to ever have a "normal relationship" and he's given up hope of ever finding love since his last romance crumbled more than a decade ago.

He told The Independent newspaper: "The last relationship I had was about 10 years ago and when the relationship ended – and you can happily dismiss it as me being a self-involved, delusional, narcissistic Angeleno – but there was this little voice that I heard that said: ‘Yeah, it’s not your lot in life, to have a normal relationship' ...

"The world of relationships, marriage, family, children … almost like it [the voice] was patting me on the back to say: ‘Sorry, that’s not for you this time'.

"I was like, OK, there’s a sadness to that, but it also is borne out by my experience. And it just sort of makes sense. So as a result, in 10 years, I haven’t gone on a date or even pursued one".

However, Moby insists he doesn't miss sex or intimacy despite being single for so long. He added: "No, that’s the only thing that’s strange – that it’s not strange.

"It’s glaringly obvious we live in a world where everyone’s obsessed with every aspect of relationships and intimacy.

"And it’s very strange, when you remove yourself – not for any virtuous reasons. I’m not part of a monastic order. It’s more just rational empiricism saying, OK, I guess it’s no longer a part of my life."

Moby has previously been open about his past promiscuity and confessed to bedding more than 100 women over the years but he lost track of the exact number.

The 'Play' hitmaker told Q magazine: "How many people did I sleep with? I don't know. A lot. Triple figures? Maybe somewhere there ...

"Sex was perfectly fine but what I was looking for, even if it only lasted for a little while, was a woman who would acknowledge me and validate me and give me a sense of worth."

He also confessed he once fell asleep during a threesome, explaining: "To be fair, it was a very comfortable bed. But I've never had that experience - to fall asleep at the beginning of a threesome with two beautiful women and wake yourself up because you were snoring.

"I was like, 'Wow, I'm so depleted. Like a husk of a human.' "