I've felt inadequate as a parent, says David Duchovny

Movie star David Duchovny has confessed to having made mistakes as a parent.



David Duchovny has discussed his experience of parenting
David Duchovny has discussed his experience of parenting

David Duchovny feels "inadequate" as a parent.

The 63-year-old actor - who has West, 25, and Kyd, 21, with his ex-wife Tea Leoni - has confessed to making mistakes as a dad, but he's tried not to be too hard on himself.

Speaking to PEOPLE, David shared: "I'll always feel inadequate [as a parent].

"Maybe I was a good parent, because my kids are great people, and they probably want to think of me as a good parent, too. They don't want to think of me as a failure. I'm sure I've done bad things, I'm sure I've made mistakes, but we all have. So, I try and give myself more of a break."

David is ultimately proud that he's managed to balance his acting career with his parental responsibilities.

He reflected: "I was certainly working a lot when my kids were young.

"That's something I might have changed, but then again, it's also cool to model a person who's engaged with their life for a kid. It might not be the best thing to just devote your entire existence to your kid either, so it could go either way.

"I don't have access to the other road that could have been traveled. I just have the one that I did travel, so certainly not a perfect parent, but I love my kids. I love my kids so, so much."

David subsequently explained that he's developed a very "meaningful" relationship with his children.

The actor said: "I felt unconditionally loved by my children … and I love them unconditionally.

"Just them being in the world has taught me that feeling from both sides, and I don't think there's anything deeper or more meaningful than that."