Meghan Trainor feared for career when she got pregnant

Meghan Trainor feared her career would be over when she got pregnant because she didn't think she could raise a family and make music.



Meghan Trainor feared for her career
Meghan Trainor feared for her career

Meghan Trainor feared her career would be over when she got pregnant.

The 'Dear Future Husband' singer - who has Riley, three, and 11-month-old Barry with husband Daryl Sabara - was worried she'd have to give up music because she wouldn't be able to juggle it with motherhood, but she's ultimately found her sons to be a huge source of drive and inspiration.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “When I got pregnant, I had that thought, ‘Is my career done now I am a mom?’ I thought that I couldn’t do both. But then I released Made You Look, and that song blew up.

“I had the best year of my career after my baby – because he inspired me to be the best version of me.

“Every morning I would walk in, just stare at him for about 45 minutes and think, ‘I’m going to get the healthiest I’ve ever been, be the most motivated, write the best songs I’ve ever written.

“‘I’m going to work my a*** off to show you that you can have it all, and you can live your dreams’.

“If you want something bad enough, work hard and get it done, because we’re doers. That’s what I say to my husband all the time.

We’ve had some tough times, but I always say that I’ve survived two pregnancies and two C-sections, so there’s nothing I can’t do.”

The 30-year-old singer is preparing to take her family on tour with her in September and she's hoping to speak to some other famous mothers for tips before getting out on the road.

She said: “I’d love to talk to pop stars who have kids and ask, ‘How do you tour with children?’ because it’s not like something you can learn on YouTube.

“We’re trying to get in touch with P!nk – our nanny is going to reach out to hers. But until that happens we’re just holding hands together, trying to get through it.”

And Meghan can't help but worry about her children will cope away from home.

She said: “My children’s happiness comes above all so I’m like, ‘What if they’re miserable? What if one is car-sick or nauseous?’

“I always think the worst. But luckily my kids do love adventure, and they love car rides. Riley is stoked about the tour bus.”