Glen Powell loves being a 'dog dad'

Hollywood star Glen Powell has revealed that he loves the experience of being a "dog dad".



Glen Powell has revealed that he loves being a dog dad
Glen Powell has revealed that he loves being a dog dad

Glen Powell takes his terrier poodle "everywhere" with him.

The 35-year-old actor adopted his beloved pet pooch, and Glen loves having him by his side while he's working.

The Hollywood star told PEOPLE: "Everybody can be a dog dad, but I really feel like I bring him everywhere, so he really has so many co-parents."

Glen noted that Brisket, his dog, has "been on every corner of the planet at this point, and he's unfazed by anything".

Glen - whose film credits include 'Top Gun: Maverick' and 'Anyone but You' - loves being on the road with his dog.

What's more, his co-stars also enjoy spending time with Brisket.

Glen said: "Brisket has the best personality. He brings so much joy to everybody."

Meanwhile, Glen recently revealed that he's "not chasing love".

The actor suggested that he's currently too focused on his career to find love.

He told 'CBS Mornings': "This is a time where life is moving so fast that I don’t even know if I could bring someone into it … in a healthy way, even if I tried."

Despite this, Glen acknowledged that his attitude could change if he manages to find the "right person".

The movie star explained: "For the right person, I think that’s right."

Glen would ultimately love to find his dream girl and start a family one day.

He shared: "If love comes and hits me in the face and knocks me over, I welcome it with open arms because that’s something I really want. You know, it’s like - even just being with my niece and nephew today, it’s like, I really want kids.

"I really want that phase of life. It’s not far away. And at the same time, I realise [that] it’s going to take a very specific type of person to navigate this [lifestyle]. It’s a lot."