Will Smith reflects on reaching 'cliff top'

Will Smith has learned to cultivate a "joyful spirit" with "no women, no drugs, no money" after reaching a "cliff top" state.



Will Smith has found contentment
Will Smith has found contentment

Will Smith has learned to cultivate a "joyful spirit" with "no women, no drugs, no money".

The 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' star has found how to carve out happiness after reaching "cliff top", which he explained he views of having achieved everything he possibly could in his life.

He told the 'Full Send' podcast: “People talk about rock bottom and I coined a phrase that there’s a corresponding place, I call it ‘cliff top,’ right?...

"There’s no more sex that’s going to be anything but a lateral move. There’s no more money. There’s, you know, no more success, and it’s a f****** abyss."

The 55-year-old actor believes once people hit that position, they need to make a decision to look inside themselves and “trust the universe wasn’t created for you to run out of things."

He added: “And then you realise that the final frontier is getting your inner house in order, right?

"With no women, no drugs, with no money, with nothing, can you cultivate a joyful spirit just with you and you?

“And the undertaking of that work is excruciating.”

Will suggested people need to "exhaust the joys of this world" and then "detox" to get to the right place and find happiness through "peace".

Asked how to get to that point, he said people needed to “do everything they want to do” and get it all “out of their system first.”

He continued: “Just exhaust the joys of this world and you’re going to have a really, really hard night one night, and you’re going to be laying there by yourself and nothing is going to mean anything to you.

“And then you’ll have to detox. And then as you detox you'll start to be able to start to look at your mind and realise the monsters in your mind — the same monster that made you climb and reach for those things — is the monster that keeps you from being happy.

“All of that craving, all of that scratching, all of that clawing... and then you’ve got to just make peace with that, dude. And you realise that ecstasy isn’t happiness, peace is happiness, balance."

Although Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith quietly separated some time ago, he recently hailed her as his "ride or die".

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's funny, I was just talking about this, I have always been blessed that there has never been a time in my life when I didn't look to the side and have a ride or die right there.

"Jada is one of the most gangsta ride-or-dies I've ever had."