Lenny Kravitz reveals why he’s been celibate for nine years

Putting his decision down to “spiritual” reasons, former womaniser Lenny Kravitz has revealed he has been celibate for nearly a decade.



Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for nine years
Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for nine years

Lenny Kravitz has been celibate for nine years.

The ‘American Woman’ rocker, 60, renowned for his womanising and whose exes include his former wife Lisa Bonet, 56, says his choice is “spiritual” as he waits for the right woman – and admitted he has become so set in his ways he may struggle to have a relationship today.

He told The Guardian about not having been in a “serious relationship” for nine years: “It’s a spiritual thing. I have become very set in my ways, in the way I live.”

Lenny also spoke about a passage in his autobiography when he revealed he was disgusted by overhearing his father on the phone talking to a woman he realised was his mistress.

When he told his NBC TV producer dad Sy Kravitz he was devastated by the conversation, his father told him he would end up doing the same thing when he grew up.

Lenny said: “He became right. After the marriage (to Lisa Bonet), I became more like him. I was becoming a player.

“I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be that guy. So I had to tackle that and it took years.”

When asked how he achieved the adjustment, he said: “By taking responsibility. Discipline. Not letting my own desires take over.”

Lenny also told how he still loves his actress ex Lisa, who he married in 1987 before they divorced six years later.

He said: “The love doesn’t leave you, but it has to find a new way to funnel itself into a new life. We consciously wanted to do that.”

And he fondly remembered the time he and ‘Angel Heart’ actress Lisa had their daughter Zoë, now 35, in 1988.

He said: “We were quite the family. We had our own groove, expression, fashion.

“It was a beautiful time. The world Zoë’s mom and I were creating, our family, it was about peace, love and spirit.”