Lea Seydoux explains why she 'struggles' with life in general

Lea Seydoux finds living to be a "struggle" but tries "desperately" to be optimistic in life.



Lea Seydoux tries to be optimistic in life but struggles
Lea Seydoux tries to be optimistic in life but struggles

Lea Seydoux finds life to be a "struggle".

The 38-year-old actress is starring in the futuristic film 'The Beast' - which is set in a world where AI reigns supreme and people have had their DNA purified to rid themselves of emotion - and admitted when asked if she ever thinks real life would be better if the human race was "robotic", that she "sometimes" thinks it would be because she "worries" about things a lot.

She told The Sunday Times: "Sometimes. I wish that I were less worried about things. I feel everything is a struggle, living is a struggle. But, then, anguish can help. Sometimes anxiety can be a survival instinct and you surpass your fear and transform it into something creative. You transcend your fears.. everything is a struggle.

"There is a line I love: ‘Le temps d’apprendre à vivre, il est déjà trop tard.’ Beautiful.”

The phrase translates as: “By the time we learn to live, it’s already too late."

However, 'No Time To Die' star - who has seven-year-old son George with her partner André Meyer - manages her worries by "making fun" of herself and tries "desperately" to be optimistic about things in life.

She said: " I learnt to make fun of myself. I don’t take myself too seriously. I try to be an optimist, but …I desperately try to be an optimist."

The actress is also a keen believer that the younger generation is "super-aware" when it comes to issues like #MeToo and combatting abuse in the film industry and beyond.

She said: "The young generation is very active. I see my nieces, they are super-aware. It’s super-strong and not only in cinema. "Maybe the old generation are not completely into it, but there is a change. A move has been made.”