Logan Paul launches legal action against Ryan Garcia

Logan Paul has confirmed that he's taking legal action against sports star Ryan Garcia.



Logan Paul is taking legal action against Ryan Garcia
Logan Paul is taking legal action against Ryan Garcia

Logan Paul has launched a defamation lawsuit against boxer Ryan Garcia.

The 29-year-old star is taking legal action against Ryan, 25, over comments relating to Prime, Logan's money-spinning drinks brand.

Logan - who co-founded the company alongside KSI - wrote on X: "I’ve had to spend the last couple months dismantling ridiculous claims about @PrimeHydrate, and it’s become obvious… PRIME is under attack. Why?

"1.) We’re a threat. PRIME is the most disruptive beverage in history and our competitors feel the pressure. It’s likely that we’ve been targeted as the victim of a smear campaign.

"2.) Clout chasers know they can use PRIME’s goodwill for attention and views.

"3.) People don’t like me or KSI. That’s fine. But if you don’t like PRIME, don’t drink it. No need to lie about the facts in an attempt to stay relevant.

"And here are the facts: PRIME Hydration is a better-for-you option with Coconut Water, 800+ mg of Electrolytes, B Vitamins, BCAAs, 25 calories and only 2 grams of sugar.

"We adhere to all regulatory bodies.

"We use world class facilities.

"Our beverage is second to none.

"Today we begin to hold those accountable who’ve damaged our brand for attention while we correct the narrative. We’re here to stay and will continue to change the world of hydration with bold flavors and creative innovation

"Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and #drinkprime

"(ps - Ryan Garcia thinks the earth is flat)

"(pss - Ryan Garcia tested positive for PEDs) (sic)"

Logan has also posted a screenshot of his legal filing, which accuses Ryan of "spreading lies about Prime".

Logan launched legal action after Ryan claimed on social media that Prime was "hurting kids".