Reyna Roberts hails Beyonce's impact on country music

Reyna Roberts has heaped praise on Beyonce, arguing that she's raised the profile of black country artists.



Beyonce released a country-influenced album in March
Beyonce released a country-influenced album in March

Reyna Roberts believes Beyonce has helped to raise the profile of black country artists.

The 42-year-old singer released her country-influenced album, 'Cowboy Carter', in March, and Reyna has praised Beyonce for changing attitudes in the country music sphere.

Reyna - who features on 'Cowboy Carter' - told Us Weekly: "I’m so grateful that she’s in this space and that she’s also allowed other country artists, like me, to be on the album because a lot of people don’t know about black people in country music. And just the fact that it took her bringing us up to the top to even be actually acknowledged by most people."

Reyna believes Beyonce has already helped to transform the country music scene.

She said: "We’ve been making our own achievements and doing our own things.

"We’ve been doing great, but like, it really took Beyonce to lift us up to get the world outside of country music to see that we’re here, which has been imperative and essential."

Similarly, Normani recently claimed that Beyonce has been a "revolutionary" force in country music.

The 27-year-old singer - who shot to stardom as part of Fifth Harmony - told "Having Beyonce, a black woman in music, taking over the country space is revolutionary. Those are the types of things that I set out to do.

"Now you have country artists who look like us coming out and just being like, 'We’ve always been here.' I think that it’s educational not only for music lovers, but also in the black community. We’ve pioneered a lot that we don’t get recognition for.

"I think that it’s just really cool being able to witness Beyonce be fearless and do something that is much bigger than herself.

"That’s honestly what I want to see more of in every single space of the music industry, because we deserve that.

"I also want to see black women not have to fight so hard. It gets exhausting. We’re just as brilliant. We have amazing ideas, and our resilience."