Lainey Wilson uncertain about her Yellowstone future

Country music star Lainey Wilson doesn't know if she'll reprise her role on 'Yellowstone'.



Lainey Wilson doesn't know if she'll reprise her role
Lainey Wilson doesn't know if she'll reprise her role

Lainey Wilson doesn't know if she'll return to 'Yellowstone'.

The 31-year-old star joined the cast of the neo-Western drama series in 2022, and although she'd love to return for the next season, Lainey remains in the dark about her potential involvement.

The country singer - whose music has also featured on 'Yellowstone' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I literally still do not know, but I'm waiting on the call."

Lainey believes the future of 'Yellowstone', and her own involvement, will be determined by Taylor Sherdian, the show's co-creator.

But the 'Things a Man Oughta Know' hitmaker is desperate to find out whether she'll be involved with the show moving forwards.

Lainey said: "He's got so many irons in the fire - I don't know how he does it."

Lainey previously revealed that she expects Abby, her on-screen character, to appear in the next season of 'Yellowstone'.

The singer-turned-actress admitted that she'd be "shocked" if Abby doesn't return to the hit TV show.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight' in April: "I'll be honest with you. I'd be shocked. And I think how Taylor Sheridan writes his stories, and he just has a beautiful way of bringing things back and letting things go - I'll be shocked. So, we'll see what happens."

On the other hand, Lainey observed that her touring schedule could hinder her 'Yellowstone' ambitions.

The award-winning star admitted that her tour dates could clash with filming, meaning she wouldn't be able to commit to the next season.

Lainey - who has starred alongside the likes of Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes on the TV show - said: "What you don't see on my calendar is rehearsal for this Country's Cool Again tour. And that's supposed to be like a week or two. So y'all better let me know."