Tyra Banks had her first drink after turning 50

Model Tyra Banks has shared her experience of having her first alcoholic drink.



Tyra Banks had her first alcoholic drink after turning 50
Tyra Banks had her first alcoholic drink after turning 50

Tyra Banks had her first alcoholic drink after turning 50.

The model celebrate her 50th birthday in December, and Tyra decided to have her first alcoholic drink a couple of days later.

Speaking to 'Extra', Tyra shared: "A couple of days after my birthday and I finally had a whole drink, and then I stood up and the room went and then it stopped swirling and then I walked out and I was fine ... I was like, ‘I'm I supposed to feel like I'm flying? Isn't that what alcohol is supposed to do?'"

Tyra has actually felt a sense of "freedom" since she turned 50.

However, the runway star has also been battling some health issues over recent months.

Tyra explained: "I have sciatica, and I could not walk more than 100 metres without, like, sitting down.

"I got really sad and I was just eating a lot and just finally got an epidural in my back, and now I can kind of walk better, getting in shape again.

"So that's the only thing I don't like about 50 is like when you hurt yourself it takes a lot to get back, but other than that, oh my God, I feel freedom."

Tyra also suggested that she's become more blunt since she celebrated her landmark birthday.

She said: "I say what I feel a lot more - it feels good."

Tyra recently posed for the 60th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. But the runway star is very conscious of how her body has changed over recent years.

The former 'Dancing with the Stars' host shared: "[I have] a lot more cellulite, though. I used to only have cellulite on the back. Now I got cellulite on the front."