Sharon Stone leads calls to allow Kevin Spacey to resume his career

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey should be allowed to resume his acting career, according to Sharon Stone.



Sharon Stone wants Kevin Spacey to resume his career
Sharon Stone wants Kevin Spacey to resume his career

Sharon Stone believes Kevin Spacey should be allowed to resume his acting career.

The 66-year-old actress has hailed the Oscar-winning actor as a "genius" and suggested that he's the victim of his own fame and success, after Spacey was charged - and later acquitted - of committing a series of alleged sexual offences in the US and the UK.

The actress told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I can’t wait to see Kevin back at work.

"He is a genius. He is so elegant and fun, generous to a fault and knows more about our craft than most of us ever will."

Sharon believes that aspiring actors "wanted and want to be around" Spacey, 64.

She added: "It’s terrible that they are blaming him for not being able to come to terms with themselves for using him and negotiating with themselves because they didn’t get their secret agendas."

Spacey was blacklisted by Hollywood following the abuse allegations in 2017. But Liam Neeson has now joined calls to allow Spacey to resume his career.

The award-winning actor said: "I was deeply saddened to learn of these accusations against him.

"Kevin is a good man and a man of character. He’s sensitive, articulate and non-judgemental, with a terrific sense of humour. He is also one of our finest artists in the theatre and on camera.

"Personally speaking, our industry needs him and misses him greatly."

Meanwhile, Stephen Fry fears Spacey's reputation has already been "wrecked" by the allegations.

The 66-year-old actor said: "Surely it is wrong to continue to batter a reputation on the strength of assertion and rhetoric rather than evidence and proof?"

The veteran star observed that Spacey has already "paid the price", even though the allegations haven't been proven.

Spacey always denied the allegations of sexual assault, and has been cleared following trials in London and New York.