Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco 'want to grow together'

Music star Selena Gomez is loving life with Benny Blanco, according to a source.



Selena Gomez is loving life with Benny Blanco
Selena Gomez is loving life with Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco "make each other happy".

The 31-year-old actress and Benny, 36, went public with their romance in 2023, and a source close to the couple has now revealed that they're excited to "grow together".

The insider told 'Entertainment Tonight': "They have talked about their future and while they don't have set plans in place, they are excited at the idea of continuing to grow together and get closer.

"They make each other happy and their friends and family are thrilled for them."

What's more, the source revealed that Selena and Benny "challenge each other in a healthy way and encourage one another to be better people".

Last year, an insider claimed that Selena feels "safe and secure" with Benny.

The 'Only Murders in the Building' star appreciates Benny for being so "respectful" of her and that he isn't chasing "attention or fame".

The insider told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Benny is a great communicator, is honest and open with Selena, and listens to her.

"He's respectful, isn't a player, and not in it for the attention or fame.

"He doesn't care about any of that and Selena sees that and really trusts him."

Selena - who has previously dated the likes of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd - feels she can be "her most authentic self with Benny without doubting his potential motives".

The source added: "It's taken a lot for her to let someone in, but Benny has proven himself to her and she appreciates his ideals and morals.

"She feels like she can give him a part of her heart that she hasn't been able to, or willing to, offer in a relationship in a very long time.

"Selena feels like she has finally found one of the good guys and it's been very refreshing for her."