Olivia Culpo reveals one wedding tradition she's determined to stick to

Olivia Culpo wants to stick to an old wedding tradition when she gets married to Christian McCaffrey.



Olivia Culpo wants to keep to tradition
Olivia Culpo wants to keep to tradition

Olivia Culpo wants to stick to an old wedding tradition for her big day.

The 32-year-old model is preparing to tie the knot with NFL star Christian McCaffrey, 27, and she has opened up about the one thing she will refuse to do when it comes to getting married.

She told People magazine: "I know for sure we're not going to do a first look, so he won’t see me until I'm walking down the aisle.

"I think that that's a little less common these days."

Although she are yet to reveal their exact wedding date, she is already "excited" to walk down the aisle and see her groom "at the end".

Olivia also admitted she's keen on having her dog Oliver as "the ring bearer" on the day, while she's trying to take more of a "laid-back approach" to avoid getting too stressed.

She added: "I think anything can happen at any moment when you are on the day.

"And I'm just trying to prepare as much as possible and then let it lie. Whatever happens will happen.

"At least I know I prepared as much as I could, but I'm really taking a laid-back approach to all of this."

Earlier this month, Olivia told the same outlet that while a lot has gone into planning their nuptials, "the countdown is on".

She explained: "It's just logistically complicated

"“Figuring out what everyone's going to wear, figuring out, figuring out where everyone's going to stay, making sure that everybody's happy...

“I feel like as a people pleaser, I want to make sure that everybody else is having the best time ever, but I know that everything will fall into place. I feel really good about it.”

The loved-up duo announced their engagement in 2023, and Olivia can't wait for the "next chapter" in her life.

She shared: "I'm looking forward to marrying my best friend.

"I'm very excited for that next chapter, and I feel very lucky. He's a great guy."