'Horrendously inappropriate': Eddie Redmayne's children love singing Cabaret songs

Eddie Redmayne's children love singing the songs from 'Cabaret' but don't realise some of the lyrics are "horrendously inappropriate".



Eddie Redmayne's children love the songs from Cabaret
Eddie Redmayne's children love the songs from Cabaret

Eddie Redmayne's children keep singing the "horrendously inappropriate" songs from 'Cabaret'.

The 42-year-old actor is playing Emcee in the Broadway revival of the musical - a role he first played in London's West End in 2021 - and while his kids Iris, eight, and six-year-old Luke haven't seen the show, they are a big fan of the "playful" soundtrack, even if they don't realise the "questionable" nature of some of the lyrics.

Speaking at the Tony Awards Meet the Nominees junket, People magazine reports he said: "My children love the theatre. And they love the music to 'Cabaret', because the songs are so memorable and playful, they sort of sit in your head so quickly.

"Sometimes the lyrics are kind of more questionable. I was saying the other day that my daughter is sort of going around singing that song, 'Don't Tell Mama.' And all the lyrics are kind of horrendously inappropriate."

And Eddie admitted his wife Hannah isn't impressed with their children's song choices.

He added: "My wife, Hannah, is like, really? 'Don't Tell Mama' is one of the key songs? Come on. How about 'Don't Tell Papa?' "

The Oscar-wining star is hoping to "sneak" his children into the August Wilson Theatre at some point so they can see his opening number.

He said: "They haven't been to see the show, but I'm thinking of trying to sneak them into watch 'Willkommen'. Because they've been such a part of this journey for me, my kids, so yeah."

The 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' star is up for his second Tony Award for 'Cabaret', having previously received the Best Actor prize in 2010 for 'Red', and he admitted his first win changed his life.

He said: "The Tonys, in many ways, changed my life when I was here with Red 14 years ago. So it feels completely wonderful to be back here.

"'Cabaret' has been a passion project for many years. The fact that we made it to Broadway was a huge thing, and to be recognised across the board by the Tonys means the world.

"And they're just magnificent, the actual Tony Awards. It's kind of of unrivaled as far as being an entertaining evening. So it's thrilling to be a part of it."

The Tony Awards - for which 'Cabaret' has received five nominations - take place on 16 June at the David H. Kock Theatre at the Lincoln Center in New York City.