Ciara opens up about her weight gain post-pregnancy: 'I'm going to give myself grace...'

Ciara is going to "give [herself] grace" amid her weight gain because is aware that motherhood is never "perfect".



Ciara is trying to lose her pregnancy weight but not too worried about a recent setback
Ciara is trying to lose her pregnancy weight but not too worried about a recent setback

Ciara is going to "give [herself] grace" over the weight gain that came with her pregnancy.

The 38-year-old pop singer welcomed Amora in December 2023 with husband Russell Wison and admitted that her weight has been going up and down since the birth but she is going to allow herself some treats amid her health kick because she "needs it" for the benefit of her mental health.

She told E! News: "Sometimes, you want to make things picture-perfect and life doesn't allow you to do that. This is real s***. There's no perfectness to motherhood. For example, I had a scale drop and now the scale went back up. I was like, uhhh.

"I'm going to give myself grace, and eat a couple of potatoes and ice cream because I need that for my mind. That's where I am with it—and it's okay!"

The 'Level Up' hitmaker - who also has Sienna, seven, and Win, three with NFL star Russell as well as nine-year-old Future with rapper Future - added that her husband is "embracing" her body for what it is at the moment even though she has a goal weight in mind that she would like to get to at some point.

She said: "There's a weight I want to get to, but my husband is telling me, 'You don't need to go that far'. He's embracing my curves; he likes my thicky era."

The 'Goodies' singer also opened up about her postpartum experience, noting that this time round she has been more "emotional" that she has been out of all her pregnancies and always has to tell herself that things are "beautiful" no matter what.

She said: "Hormones fly all over the f****** place.

"I feel like I'm more emotional than I've ever been out of all my babies. I'm like, 'What is going on with me?!' I feel like I haven't been able to breathe since I gave birth.

"I have to remind myself to give myself grace and that it's not going to be perfect. This is a beautiful time, even when it feels not-so-beautiful. It's a gift to create new life and I'm doing my best reminding myself of that."