Chris Pine opens up on 'traumatic' experience of losing role due to acne

Chris Pine had a "traumatic" time when he lost out on a major TV role in 'The O.C.' because of his acne.



Chris Pine suffered badly with acne
Chris Pine suffered badly with acne

Chris Pine had a "traumatic" time when he lost a major TV role because of his acne.

The 43-year-old actor has suffered problems with his skin over the years and told how he was passed over for the role of Ryan Atwood in 'The O.C.' - which eventually went to Ben McKenzie - because he was experiencing a bad breakout at the time.

Casting director Patrick Rush previously admitted Chris had missed out on being cast, and speaking on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, the actor said: “I mean, it’s a part of my life. Look, do I wish… The man didn’t have to talk about it. I mean, it’s his prerogative.

“I had awful skin as a teenager, and then after college, my skin started breaking out again. I was going out for 'The O.C.' – like a teenage melodrama. I can understand that they wanted to have pretty people doing pretty things, and bad acne is not a key.

“I don’t want to say, ‘I’m grateful for not having landed.’ I’m alright, but it is a little PTSD.

"It was one of the most traumatic points of my life, but it is my story, man.”

The 'Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves' actor admitted having acne can be "tremendously debilitating" and "emotionally incapacitating" and offered his sympathy to others with skin struggles.

He said: “It’s so strange. People talk about obesity — and, obviously, I understand the difficulty of that — or they talk about any sorts of things, and I feel like acne is regarded as this thing of like, ‘Oh, it’s just like, what you go through as a teenager.’ And it can be.

“And it can be kind of just like you get a pimple on your forehead. It can also be tremendously debilitating and really, seriously, emotionally incapacitating, which it was for me.

“So, for anyone out there that is experiencing that: I get you, I hear you, I’ve been there, I know it. I know how depressing it can be and the kind of depths of sorrow it can drag you to, but there is a brighter day."