Ryan Dorsey reveals plan to honor Naya Rivera

Ryan Dorsey - Naya Rivera's ex-husband - has revealed how he plans to spend Mother's Day.



Naya Rivera passed away in 2020
Naya Rivera passed away in 2020

Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera's son plan to release "a bunch of butterflies" to honor the late actress.

The former 'Glee' star drowned to death in July 2020, aged 33, and Ryan has revealed how he and her eight-year-old son Josey will celebrate Naya on Mother's Day (05.12.24).

Ryan, 40 - who was married to the actress between 2014 and 2018 - told E! News: "When Josey was little he loved butterflies and going to the butterfly garden at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

"Last year we released a bunch of butterflies while FaceTiming grandma in honor of Naya. He released them and said 'Happy Mother's Day in heaven, mommy!'

"It was equally so heart breaking and sweet."

Naya passed away almost four years ago, but Jack still finds it to be "surreal".

Looking forward to Mother's Day, Ryan said: "We plan to [release the butterflies] again this year. Make it a tradition."

In 2023, Ryan revealed that he was "doing the best" he can for his son.

The 'Big Sky' actor is determined to create a "safe and happy" home life for Josey.

Ryan told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's always kind of sad around the holidays and this year was no exception.

"Some days are harder than the others and some days ... I'm optimistic and some days I'm sad.

"I guess that's for everybody in life, but it's hard for me when Josey will say certain things and if he misses his mom or whatever it is or he'll bring up certain moments that obviously he'll never forget from the worst day of his life.

"And there's not much for me to say except I just say, 'I know buddy and I love you,' and I just give him a hug."