Beyonce 'has brought more eyeballs to country music'

Miranda Lambert has praised Beyonce for helping to raise the profile of country music.



Miranda Lambert has heaped praise on Beyonce
Miranda Lambert has heaped praise on Beyonce

Miranda Lambert believes Beyonce has brought "more eyeballs" to country music.

The Grammy-winning star released her country-influenced album, 'Cowboy Carter', in March, and Miranda feels it's already helped to increase interest in the genre.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Miranda explained: "The more people that are interested in country music, the better for all of us."

Miranda, 40, believes country music has always been accessible to everyone. However, Beyonce - who is one of the best-selling artists of all time - has helped to shine a light on the genre.

The country music star said: "We’ve always had a little bit of something for everyone, but it’s just kind of not been advertized that way.

"All these other kinds of artists are making country records [now], and if that brings more eyeballs to our little circle we have, I’m thankful. I think that we have to just be open."

Meanwhile, Normani recently claimed that Beyonce has been a "revolutionary" force in country music.

The 27-year-old singer - who shot to stardom as part of Fifth Harmony - confessed to being wowed by Beyonce's seamless transition into the country genre.

Normani told "Having Beyonce, a black woman in music, taking over the country space is revolutionary. Those are the types of things that I set out to do.

"Now you have country artists who look like us coming out and just being like, 'We’ve always been here.' I think that it’s educational not only for music lovers, but also in the black community. We’ve pioneered a lot that we don’t get recognition for.

"I think that it’s just really cool being able to witness Beyonce be fearless and do something that is much bigger than herself.

"That’s honestly what I want to see more of in every single space of the music industry, because we deserve that.

"I also want to see black women not have to fight so hard. It gets exhausting. We’re just as brilliant. We have amazing ideas, and our resilience."