Damian Hurley 'proud' to be a nepo baby

Damian Hurley is "proud" to be a nepo baby and thinks it is a "quite cool" label to have.



Damian Hurley is proud to be a nepo baby thanks to mother Elizabeth
Damian Hurley is proud to be a nepo baby thanks to mother Elizabeth

Damian Hurley is "proud" to be a nepo baby.

The 'Strictly Confidential' director - whose mother is actress Elizabeth Hurley and who counts Sir Elton John and Hugh Grant among his godparents - insisted none of the children of famous parents who are trying to make their way in showbiz object to the label and he thinks it is a "quite cool" tag to have.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “There is certainly not a club where we all lament our situation.

“I’ve never met a child of someone successful who objects to the term. I’m actually proud of it. I find it quite cool. It implies you’ve had an insanely hard-working parent who’s clawed their way to the top, and that’s great!"

Damian - whose father is late producer Steve Bing - acknowledged his background means he has had an "easier start" in the movie industry but he insisted he has still worked hard to accomplish what he has.

He added: "I’ve undeniably had an easier start than most. My mum’s friends are industry giants. But I hope I’ve made the best of the opportunities that were handed to me. I shot Strictly Confidential when I was 20 with not much time or money. It’s far from the next Godfather but I’m proud of it.”

The 22-year-old filmmaker wants to write about more than his own experiences but is wary of receiving the sort of criticism directed at billionaire's daughter Nicola Peltz Beckham, who recently starred in her own directorial debut 'Lola' as a traumatised and impoverished woman.

He said: “I’m certainly not interested in only writing what I know. But I also wouldn’t want to make anything that felt performative.”

Of the backlash Nicola faced, he added: "People said she was cos-playing a poor girl, which I thought was unfair. If she’d played a billionaire’s daughter, everyone would have accused her of being out of touch. One can’t really win. I don’t know. I’m squirming now …”

Damian's mother stars in his movie 'Strictly Confidential' and he was delighted to have such a "great" actress on board.

He said: “She’s fearless. She brings a sensuality to the screen that not many can, and she’s devoid of self-consciousness. I’ve been on set with her since I was born, and she has always been able to compartmentalise. Whatever else is happening, she goes into this zone where she just ‘is’. Great actors can do that.”