Non-binary Emma Corrin will 'never stop' playing female characters

Non-binary star Emma Corrin will "never stop" playing female roles and is happy being recognised for Best Actress accolades when playing female characters on screen.



Emma Corrin identifies as non-binary
Emma Corrin identifies as non-binary

Emma Corrin will "never stop" playing female roles.

The 'Crown' star identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, but they insisted their gender identity doesn't mean they dislike their feminine aspects, but enjoy "embracing" other sides of themselves too.

Speaking on The Hollywood Reporter's 'Awards Chatter' podcast, Emma said: "For me, identity, fluidity, is not about shutting off the female parts of myself. I love those parts of myself. It's about embracing others as well. So, I love playing female roles. I'll never stop doing that."

Emma "felt seen" when they received a nomination for the new Best Lead Performance in a New Scripted Series prize at the Independent Spirit Awards for their role in 'A Murder at the End of the World' and felt grateful to be placed in a category that didn't include the word "actress".

Asked about gendered awards, they said: "I have a lot of thoughts on that, and it's a difficult question.

"I always get quite scared of answering it, because it is such a huge question, and it sort of requires multiple answers. I think it's undoubtable that there is more work to do. It was incredible and it felt really affirming to be at the Independent Spirit Awards and to be nominated in a [non-gendered] performer category. It was amazing.

"You feel seen. You feel like someone's creating space for you to be recognised for your work.

"Which, say what you will about the awards system, but it's a really lovely thing to be recognised, undoubtedly. So, to be able to do that in a space that doesn't compromise you in any way, and your identity, is a really great thing.

"I hope that, as you said, if there are kinks to be worked out in these things, then I think that can only be done by including those [voices]. I just hope that the decision-makers in the awards bodies are including these voices in the rooms when they are making these changes, because I think that as long as these conversations are being had, there's a way of working these things out."

However, the 28-year-old star believes it is better for non-binary performers to still receive recognition in an actor or actress category rather than be totally shut out, and they are happy to be nominated for actress accolades when playing a female role.

Emma said: "For me, operating in the framework as it stands, if I'm nominated in the Best Actress category, the visibility of that I think is the most important thing.

"Almost the worst-case scenario would be that no non-binary people were being nominated in any categories, albeit in gendered categories, because then it removes them completely.

"I would rather be visible, and be honored for work. I guess that, finally, to say that, as long as I'm playing female characters, there's also... the argument that it also makes sense to be nominated in a Best Actress category [for female parts]."