Ariana Madix thinks she's Beyonce, says Lala Kent

TV star Lala Kent has slammed Ariana Madix, accusing her of having a God complex.



Ariana Madix has been slammed by her co-star
Ariana Madix has been slammed by her co-star

Lala Kent has slammed Ariana Madix for refusing to film with Tom Sandoval.

The 33-year-old beauty has blasted her co-star for refusing to shoot with Tom, her ex-boyfriend, after he cheated on Ariana with Rachel Leviss.

Lala said on 'Vanderpump Rules': "This happened to her. The world rallied around her. She now thinks she is Beyonce.

"It’s bull**** that she can’t film with someone because she stays under the same roof. It’s a lot. It’s a lot that she’s saying don’t f*** with Tom Sandoval … But, I’m gonna sleep down the hall from Tom Sandoval."

Lala has accused her co-star of developing a God complex following the high-profile cheating scandal.

She said: "I never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God."

Lala even suggested that Ariana's approach to the TV show has been unprofessional.

The outspoken star explained: "This is what we do. We've been doing this for most of our adult lives.

"We've all experienced high highs and low lows and there's a responsibility that comes with living your life on camera. You have to be truthful, even when it's extremely uncomfortable..."

Meanwhile, Ariana previously insisted that she isn't ready to forgive Tom.

The 38-year-old beauty admitted that she still isn't ready to get on the "Sandoval sympathy train".

Speaking to Lala on an episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Ariana shared: "My position has not changed that he doesn't get any sort of access to my life via me or via mutual friends.

"I'm not down with him being around. You know, I can quietly remove myself from situations that make me uncomfortable.

"I'm not the person to come to with the Sandoval sympathy train."