Dua Lipa is 'prepped' for Saturday Night Live

Pop star Dua Lipa has revealed how she's preparing to host 'Saturday Night Live'.



Dua Lipa is set to host the comedy show
Dua Lipa is set to host the comedy show

Dua Lipa feels fully "prepped" for her 'Saturday Night Live' appearance.

The chart-topping pop star is set to appear as the host, and as a musical guest, on the long-running comedy show this weekend, and Dua has revealed that she feels nervous about "both" of her jobs, in spite of her precise preparation.

Dua, 28, said on SiriusXM's 'The Morning Mash Up': "It's gonna be fun. I'm ready. I'm prepped."

The singer struggled with her nerves before her last appearance on 'Saturday Night Live'.

However, the London-born star has revealed that she's received lots of support from the show's production team.

Dua - who has just released her new album, 'Radical Optimism' - shared: "I was having this conversation with Bowen Yang who is also on 'SNL', and I was telling him about the last time when I performed on 'SNL' during the dress rehearsal.

"I was really, really nervous and we also, I was doing a skit with them and then after the dress rehearsal, we sit in a room and it's the whole cast.

"Lorne [Michaels] comes in, and we're talking about the skits, what's good, what's not, what we're going to change, you know, and at that point, something just switched, and I felt like a real part of the team."

Despite the outside pressures, Dua feels it's still possible to have fun during the broadcast.

The award-winning star said: "It's just a whole show together, and so it's about everything being seamless and fun.

"I guess that's more of the crux of it rather than, 'This has to be better than this part.' I feel, for me, it all has to flow and be in harmony."