Kathie Lee Gifford single after split from ‘very special’ mystery man

Opening up for the first time about how she has broken up up with her mystery lover after seven years, Kathie Lee Gifford has said splitting is “always hard”.



Kathie Lee Gifford is single after splitting from her ‘very special’ mystery man
Kathie Lee Gifford is single after splitting from her ‘very special’ mystery man

Kathie Lee Gifford is single after splitting from her “very special” mystery man.

The 70-year-old actress recently opened up about how she stayed with her late footballer player husband Frank Gifford until his death aged 84 in 2015 despite discovering he had been unfaithful – before she moved on with a secret lover she has been dating for seven years.

She has now told People about how she has split from her long-term partner: “I was in a relationship for several years that just ended recently. And you know, it’s always hard because when you love someone, you love someone deeply. It’s something you miss when it doesn’t last.”

Kathie – who was also married to Paul Johnson from 1976 to 1982 and who had children Cody, 34, and 30-year-old Cassidy with her ex Frank – added she has tried to fixate on finding happiness in life, saying: “My new mantra was going to be my joy is non-negotiable. I’ll negotiate time. I’ll negotiate money with you. But my joy, I can’t.”

She also said she is trying to look at her break-up philosophically, adding: “You aren’t supposed to marry everyone you fall in love with.

“And I don’t want to love easily.

“I’ve been loved three times in my entire life. It’s the people who have meant something deep and powerful in your life that are the hardest things to get over.”

After leaving her hosting duties on the ‘Today’ show in 2019, Kathie moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she met her former boyfriend.

She confirmed their relationship – but not her new man’s identity – in April 2021, and Kathie Lee also appeared on ‘Today’ in November that year to open up about the romance.

Kathie said at the time: “I have a very sweet man in my life. He’s good for me, and I'm good for him. And that’s all that I’ll say about it, because there's nothing else to talk about.”