Cheryl Burke's higher income hurt marriage to Matthew Lawrence

Former 'Dancing With the Stars' professional Cheryl Burke has admitted being the "breadwinner" wasn't good for her marriage to Matthew Lawrence - admitting "you can’t buy love".



Cheryl Burke is convincer he higher salary impacted her marriage to Matthew Lawrence
Cheryl Burke is convincer he higher salary impacted her marriage to Matthew Lawrence

Cheryl Burke claims being the "breadwinner" hurt her marriage to Matthew Lawrence because "you can’t buy love".

The former 'Dancing With the Stars' professional was married to the actor for three years before she filed for divorce in 2022 citing "irreconcilable differences" and she's now admitted money issues led to a number of problems within the relationship because she earned more than her husband.

During an appearance on the 'Amy and T.J.' podcast, Cheryl explained: "I learned that you can’t buy love.

"I tried to not obviously, I didn’t buy my ex-husband, but, like, I definitely would say I was the breadwinner. Like, I supported us, and I don’t think it’s black and white.

"It’s like, it made me feel good, but then it didn’t necessarily make the relationship good."

Cheryl left 'Dancing With the Stars' nine months after filing paperwork to end her marriage, and when asked which split was harder, she replied: "'Dancing With the Stars' hands down ... you can't compare. That was my identity."

When she left the show, she even compared her departure to a divorce, telling New York Post column PageSix: "I am overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to hold back the tears, I would say, because I wanted to really perform the best I could. Now with all of that behind me, it’s bittersweet

"[It’s been] so hard. This is like another type of divorce, but an amicable one."

During the podcast appearance, Cheryl also revealed she had three "showmances" during her 26 seasons on the show.

She shared: "I've had my own showmances, you know. It happens."

Cheryl admitted one of her romances involved former pro football player Chad Johnson, saying: "One of them basically professed his love to me on 'Ellen DeGeneres'."

Despite this, the TV star has remained tight-lipped about the identity of the other people she was involved with during her spell on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Cheryl also acknowledged that the dynamic would always change whenever their romance entered the real world. She explained: "Lust. It's not love, right?"