Camila Cabello: I've always been surrounded by Latin influences

Pop star Camila Cabello feels she's been strongly influenced by Latin culture.



Camila Cabello lived in Miami during her childhood
Camila Cabello lived in Miami during her childhood

Camila Cabello feels like she's "never really left Miami".

The 27-year-old pop star moved to Miami when she was just six years old, and although she's traveled around the world during her music career, Camila believes that the city remains a big part of her identity.

The chart-topping star - who was actually born in Cuba - told PEOPLE: "I think where I’m from just influences me a lot. I’ve also never really left Miami.

"I’ve kind of always been surrounded by that culture out there, which is its own kind of little, unique microcosm.

"It’s Latin but also Latin immigrants but also a melting pot of different cultures. I think that’s just influenced me, and it’s influenced my music, too. It kind of just comes out of me."

Camila feels she's evolved as an artist in recent years.

And the singer recently claimed that her evolution is evidenced by her upcoming album.

Camila - who shot to stardom as a teenager in Fifth Harmony - told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: "I feel like in this process, what you're hearing is kind of an undiluted version of my creative process now.

"I think before, and I love working with co-writers and I think it's really fun, but this time around I was like, I think the kind of projects that I want to make only works when there's no other co-writers, and when it's kind of just me honing in on the craft and really putting it on me, putting the writing part, the songwriting part on me, and really putting in that work every day of expanding my references and writing lyrics and ideas down every day."