Jonathan Majors sentenced to domestic violence counseling

Jonathan Majors has been ordered to attend one year of domestic violence counseling.



Jonathan Majors has avoided jail time
Jonathan Majors has avoided jail time

Jonathan Majors has been ordered to attend domestic violence counseling after being found guilty of assault and harassment.

The 34-year-old actor was found guilty of two charges - third-degree assault and second-degree harassment - in December, and he's now been ordered by a judge to attend one year of domestic violence counseling.

During a hearing in New York, Judge Michael Gaffey said: "Jail is not necessary."

Majors has instead been told to complete a 52-week in-person batterer's intervention programme, while he will also continue with his mental health therapy.

What's more, the Hollywood star has been told that he must provide the court with updates on treatment, and if he fails to comply with the court ruling, Majors could face up to 364 days in jail.

Grace Jabbari, the actor's ex-girlfriend, has also been granted a protection order.

Jabbari actually delivered a statement during the court hearing.

The dancer said: "When I was with him, I became a different version of myself. His emotional and psychological abuse was just as damaging."

Jabbari also accused Majors of thinking that he's "above the law".

She said: "He was not only trying to intimidate me but paint me as crazy. He is not sorry and has not accepted responsibility. He will do this again. He will hurt other women. This is a man who believes he is above the law.

"I will not rest until I feel he is not a danger to anyone else. He refuses to acknowledge his guilt. I have seen his physical anger, and he does not have control over it."

Majors - who attended the hearing with his current girlfriend, Meagan Good - hasn't made a public statement. However, Priya Chaudhry, the actor's attorney, has claimed that Jabbari would use any statement "against him in her civil case".

Chaudhry added: "Mr. Majors maintains his innocence and plans to appeal his conviction."