Jenifer Lewis lost ability to walk after horror fall

Jenifer Lewis was left sobbing in a wheelchair after suffering severe injuries in a horror fall which left her unable to walk.



Jenifer Lewis had to learn how to walk again
Jenifer Lewis had to learn how to walk again

Jenifer Lewis was left sobbing in a wheelchair after a horror fall robbed her of the ability to walk.

The 'Black-ish’ actress, 67, plunged 10-feet from a hotel balcony during a holiday in Africa two years ago and she underwent intensive rehabilitation therapy to get her back on her feet - and Jenifer has admitted she was an emotional wreck as she attempted to push through the pain.

During an upcoming appearance on 'Tamron', Jenifer explained: "In Nairobi, when they asked me to walk, you know the parallel bars, I couldn't remember how to walk ... 'How do you do that?' ... I sat down in the wheelchair, and I sobbed. And I heard myself say, 'You will get up, you will get up and you will walk or I'll kill you myself. You get up and you walk, come on, baby.' And I walked."

Jenifer previously opened up about the accident in an interview with Robin Roberts last month, revealing the fall left her with devastating injuries.

She said: "When the sun sets in the Serengeti, there are no streetlights. It is pitch black. I was escorted to the lodge, my room, but I wasn’t given a tour. I should’ve been given tour.

"I laid out my safari clothes, and I saw the infinity pool out on my deck, so I went out. I was just taking in the fact that I was back in the Serengeti once again, and I’m walking, and all of a sudden – bam – I had fallen 10 feet into a dry ravine full of boulders and stones and sharp rocks."

She went on to say: "Of course, I was in shock. My right hip took the impact, my shoulder went up against a stone. A lightning bolt went through my mind’s eye right here.

"In pitch black, I didn’t know I was falling. Nothing would move. So, I laid there, I said, ‘Move your body, baby, come on Jenny, move your body' ... I heard a lion roar. My last thought, because I am Jenifer Lewis, was, what a headline: The king ate the queen. Pieces of Jenifer Lewis’ body being flown back to the states."