'He embraced me!' Matt Damon's late father came to him in a 'crazy dream'

'Oppenheimer' star Matt Damon has told how his late father Kent Damon once came to him in a "crazy" dream and "embraced" him, following his death aged 74.



Matt Damon's late father came to him in 'crazy dream'
Matt Damon's late father came to him in 'crazy dream'

Matt Damon's late father once came to him in a "crazy" dream and "embraced" him.

The 53-year-old actor has told how it felt as though his late dad Kent Damon - who passed away in December 2017 aged 74 from rare blood disease multiple myeloma - was holding him tight as he slept.

When asked about his earliest childhood memories, he said on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert': "After my father passed away in 2017, within that year, I had this crazy dream.

"He came to me in a dream, and he embraced me.

"And the feeling that I got was the feeling that I had - which I think is like my first memory - which was the feeling of what it felt like to be held by him."

Afterwards, Matt had a feeling of "overwhelming protection and love".

He added: "All I knew was that he was there and that I was feeling that embrace.

"And it reminded me that I must have felt that as one of the very first things that I was aware of as my consciousness came online."

In 2019, Matt admitted he was delighted he learned to play golf for 2000 movie 'The Legend of Bagger Vance', because it allowed him to spend more time with his father on the golf course.

He told PEOPLE at the time: "You know what I learned from a movie a long time ago, which I'm happy that I did? I had never played golf, and I learned how to play golf and for the last 20 years of my dad's life.

"We'd always play around the golf [course], just me and him walking around together.

"That turned into something that was really good. And maybe someday I'll do that with my kids too, but I haven't played since he passed away."

The Hollywood star admitted golf wasn't the only game he's learned through his acting career.

He added: "Also poker, I learned from a movie and I still play. That was fun."