Amanda Kloots gets engagement ring from late husband Nick Cordero altered

Amanda Kloots says she feels like she is starting a "new chapter" after having the ring redesigned.



Amanda Kloots says getting the ring changed 'signified a new chapter'
Amanda Kloots says getting the ring changed 'signified a new chapter'

Amanda Kloots has had her engagement ring from late husband Nick Cordero reworked.

The original designer of the diamond ring, Stephanie Gottlieb, has transformed the sentimental jewellery into a heart-shaped momentum but has admitted it took her a while to have it done because she was "unsure" about altering something so precious.

She wrote in a caption on Instagram showing off the new design: “Allowing my heart to change.

“The healing process is an ongoing journey with my stepping stones along the way.

“I waited awhile to do this one because I was so unsure about changing something so special. However, I didn’t want my ring to not be worn and it didn’t fit on another finger the way it was.”

The late Broadway star tragically died of coronavirus in July 2020, aged 41, and Amanda says the ring change "signified a new chapter for me" and the next step on her healing journey.

She added: “I was super picky and very nervous to make this big change.

“When I received my new ring yesterday, I cried. It felt like it signified a new chapter for me, another step forward. I love that I decided to make this change when I was ready, and I love that the heart that he gave me will always be in mine.”

Amanda, 42, previously had the designer put some of her late husband's ashes inside another ring.

She also previously shared how she'd been thinking of having necklaces "made with some of his ashes".

The 'Talk' co-host wrote: "Looking for suggestions for necklaces to be made with some of his ashes.

"I've heard this can be done and haven't had time to research it yet."

She married Nick in 2017 and they had a son called Elvis in June 2019.