Sarah Hyland quits as the host of Love Island USA

Sarah Hyland has announced via social media that she's quit as the host of 'Love Island USA'.



Sarah Hyland has quit at the host of the show
Sarah Hyland has quit at the host of the show

Sarah Hyland has quit as the host of 'Love Island USA' due to a scheduling conflict.

The 33-year-old actress hosted two seasons of the US version of the reality TV franchise, but Sarah has now confirmed that she's walking away from the show in order to pursue other projects.

Sarah - who is best known for playing Haley Dunphy in the ABC sitcom 'Modern Family' - wrote on her Instagram Story: "Well, just got a text [laughing emoji] I’m disappointed the news had to break this way but it is in fact true that I will not be returning to the island this summer. I have committed to an exciting project, that will be announced soon, that conflicts directly with the shooting dates for Love Island USA (sic)"

Despite this, Sarah still intends to watch the TV show over the summer months.

She continued: "While I’m sad I can’t return, I hope to see lots of love this summer on Peacock this upcoming season!"

Sarah previously admitted that she loved shooting the show.

The actress told BuzzFeed: "The show is so much fun for me to film - if you're having fun doing what you love, nothing will seem difficult."

Sarah immediately jumped at the chance to join 'Love Island' - even though it clashed with her wedding.

The Hollywood star - who married Wells Adams in 2022 - said: "They called me up and said, 'Are you interested?' And I said, 'Hell yes, I am. I'm planning a wedding though, I'm getting married in August. Can I even do this? Where are you filming?'

"They told me and I was like, 'Cool. I can do this now.' And that's how that went. Yeah, planned a wedding, did 'Love Island', and got married in the middle of 'Love Island'. It was crazy."