Simon Cowell amazed by America's Got Talent's enduring appeal

Simon Cowell has confessed to being shocked by the longevity of 'America's Got Talent'.



Simon Cowell launched the show in 2006
Simon Cowell launched the show in 2006

Simon Cowell has been shocked by the longevity of 'America's Got Talent'.

The 64-year-old music mogul launched the hit TV show back in 2006, and he's been amazed by the enduring popularity of the format, having initially doubted whether 'America's Got Talent' would succeed or not.

Speaking to 'Extra' about the first season of the show, Simon shared: "Thank god it did well.

"Now we are here, 20 years later and now … you get people ... flying in from all over the world.

"They only get two minutes, remember that, you're gonna fly 16 hours and you've got two minutes and you don't know what's going to happen. But we are seeing things that we've genuinely never seen before."

Simon has enjoyed huge success with various TV talent shows in the US and the UK, and he remains as ambitious as ever.

Asked if he plans to create another reality competition show, Simon replied: "Am I? Yes."

Despite this, Simon previously claimed that working five days a week is "pointless".

The TV star revealed that he's found a much healthier work-life balance in recent years.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Simon advised: "Don't work on Fridays, because you don't have to. Eat dinner at five o'clock. Don't take calls after 5:30. Don't read emails after 5:30. Watch a happy movie and stay outside."

Simon has recently made a concerted effort to prioritize his health and his family.

The outspoken star also stressed the importance of pursuing passion projects.

Simon - who was appearing on 'America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League' at the time - explained: "I don't think anyone should be working five days a week. It's just pointless. Do something you enjoy. I've really enjoyed doing this."